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Grateful for my neuroscience education from Z Health

May 13, 2016

Grateful for my neuroscience education from Z Health

“I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein

After years and years of taking courses in nutrition and sports sciences it wasn’t until I came across Z Health that everything started to make sense. For the first time I felt a sense of hope that I could solve not only my pain, thyroid and gut problems but the struggles of my clients as well. Z Health is a neuroscience company that takes health & performance training education to an elite level.

The classes do not come at a small price, however to me this was one of my greatest investments of my life.

In early 2013 while attending a course through Z Health titled, “T Phase,” which stands for therapy and threat, I had the most profound epiphany of my life. By manipulating a scar from an old soccer injury (a compounded ulna and radius) I was able to release old range of motion in my body that I hadn’t experienced in years. I could all of a sudden do a full splits again, as well as, perform a very deep squat. Now you might be thinking this is voodoo-science. We manipulate a scar on my forearm and now I can do the splits. Well trust me that’s exactly what I was thinking at first to.

However over four 12 hour days of training I continued to play with strange and eye opening methods to improving my performance and healing my body, as well as, my classmates. I was utterly shocked and excited by not only my improvements but those of my classmates. For the first time I understood the profound potential to heal one’s body based off of not just addressing the area of discomfort or pain, but by breaking down the individuals unique experiences and history to detect in their special situation where their problems could be stemming from.

In short my take away was that pain can come from a wide range of areas and always alters how we move. When we are in pain we are under threat. Which means we can go into a sympathetic nervous system response, know as a fight or flight.

Ever heard of the SAID Principle? It say’s “The body always  adapts to exactly what it does.”

When we are in pain we can become inefficient and our movement can become compromised. Do it for long enough and we begin to wire the movement into our nervous system.

This brought to me the following conclusions with the pain I was experiencing and my ergonomically incorrect sports bras:

When I put my disadvantageous sports bra on my body it is the tension on my neck and shoulders that creates pain. When I start running the excessive bounce in my chest creates even more force production which leads to increased tension in my neck and shoulders and therefore increases the pain by pulling and tearing on my breast tissue, as well as, the muscles and ligaments in my neck and shoulders.

  • When I am in pain my movement and gait mechanics, as well as, breathing becoming compromised making me less efficient
  • Less efficiency means my body has to work on overdrive
  • Do this for long enough and the pain and poor movement becomes wired into my body and exhausts me faster than it should.
  • Instead of focusing just on relieving the site of pain I needed to get down to the root of the cause.

These conclusions are what lead to my exploration for a better solution and have brought me to where I am today.  Learn about our bra by clicking here!

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