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Exploration to a better sports bra!

May 13, 2016

My brain was lit up with excitement because I knew I was onto solving the sports bra dilemma I had been dealing with the last 12 years.

Now that I had identified where my pain was coming from it was time to put my neuroscience education to the test and explore exactly what it was about my sports bras that weren’t getting the job done properly. I needed to identify how I could improve my breathing mechanics, reduce the bounce and find a place where the straps are still supportive but don’t put undo stress on the muscles and nerve endings in my neck and shoulders.


As it turns out most performance bras are designed Racer Back style. Many designers believe it assists in supporting the breasts. However what I have found is that for a larger breasted athlete this is your worst nightmare. If the rest of the bra is not doing it’s job the force from your breast bouncing is directed right to your neck and shoulders.

Solution- Straps needed to be set wider and at 1 inch wide with less elasticity, as well as, adjustable from the front of the bra. 


Compression is a double edged sword. To much and you can’t breathe but not enough and you can’t find the support you need.

Solution- Adjustable and adaptable compression. The ability to use it when you need it.


My trouble with the bottom band has always been it is to tight and uncomfortable or to loose and unsupportive. All sports bras bottom bands are designed essentially the same way. I decided it is time to mix it up and try something new. I wanted to have a band that is tight yet comfortable and supportive but without keeping me from being able to breathe.

Solution: An adjustable bottom band with a specific amount of tension built to be supportive yet expand with out rib cage when we breathe. It adapts to weight gain and loss and is easy to loosen after a workout for a more relaxed hang out fit.


Double and tripling up- on my bras

Wearing a bra 1-2 sizes smaller -to increase compression

Racer back style


-A bottom band that was way too tight.

-Inability to breathe properly.

-Too much tension on my neck, shoulders and chest for excessive amounts of time in my bra.




-Pain in my chest 



Adjustable compression, adjustable shoulder straps, adjustable bottom band, all accessible from the front. Plus easy on/off release!



-Say goodbye to double and triple bagging

-Find your perfect size and use the adjustments to adapt the bra to your body as your body changes

-Set your band tension depending on the activity level and with the perfect amount of elasticity to breathe freely.

“The things you are passionate about are not random they are your calling” -Fabienne Fredrickson

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