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Business & Babies On Our Mind

February 16, 2017 1 Comment

Business & Babies On Our Mind

In a recent blog post, I reflected on 2016 and the building of the Betts Fit Sports Bra business. It is funny because I have always said my business is my baby! I eat, sleep and breathe for it. It consumes my every day, my mind and body. I love it and care about it more than anything in the world, well besides my family, friends, husband & dog Beckham.

Well looks like there is a new baby in town. The Betts Fit Team has a new addition on the way! I am 15 weeks pregnant with a little girl, who will be arriving around mid-August.Pregnancy AnnouncementThe day I received this news was quite possibly one of the most exciting days of my life and then ultimately the most overwhelming. I always knew I wanted to have kids but now it was really happening. I couldn’t help but think how am I going to manage this on top of growing and supporting the Betts Fit Sports Bras business.  

So in the spirit of babies, I want to inform the  Betts Fit Community that we have a nursing sports bra option available. How convenient for me at this point in my life! We’re testing different prototypes, and photos will be coming soon!

The question I now grapple with day to day is how will my real baby influence my business baby. I am quickly finding that a real baby reminds you of what is truly important in life. Sweating over the small stuff is just a waste of time. Fearing and dreading what could happen is out of your control, and only hurts your chances for success and a happy life.

Real baby reminds me that I have a bigger purpose now. It isn’t just about becoming “successful”, but being a good role model for my little girl by showing her what is possible if you work hard enough and care enough about something.

Lastly, she is reminding me that nothing in life is more important than your health! When you know that you have a baby growing inside you, it is your responsibility to do anything and everything in your power to give this baby the best home possible. Which means getting my sleep, eating well, meditating and exercising daily, even if I have a ton going on.

Prioritizing and time management become that much more important of a skill to develop and improve on daily.

As someone who is obsessed with self improvement but feels that I have little time to read, I have become completely obsessed with Brian Johnson’s program, Optimize. I have listened to his cliff notes on hundreds of books in the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, peak performance, health, purpose, fitness, wealth and the list goes on.  Anytime I feel lost and can’t hang, I tune-in to his program and I feel instantly inspired. I am thankful for resources like this which keep me inspired, sane and healthy.  

To all the ladies out there who are balancing full time jobs or are entrepreneurs and moms, I feel for you. These are very new waters I am navigating, so I will be sharing my experiences as I go and I look forward to interacting with you all along the way.


Catherine Betts

Fit Moms


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Janie Green
Janie Green

February 20, 2017

Hi Catherine,
Congratulations Sweetie! So happy for you and looking forward to welcoming a new member into the Bett’s clan.
The fun is just beginning! You will be a great Mama and work out how to balance it all.

Thanks for the updates on the delivery, looking forward to receiving the package.

xo Janie and Jeff too

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