FACT: Damage to your breast is irreversible. A sports bra can reduce movement up to 83% and prevent damage to your breast. Damage will ultimately lead to sagging, ligament damage and pain in your neck & shoulders. Lack of support for your breast tissue makes them droop and tilt forward more, putting stress on your trapezius muscles, which sit atop your shoulders.

FACT: 64% of women complain of breast discomfort during sport. Don’t be a part of this statistic any longer!



FACT: You can reduce bounce by 73% with the right bra strap.

FACT:Shoulder strap indentations and subsequent neural impingement is a problem bigger busted woman commonly run in to caused by unrelenting tightly fitted straps. The construction and placement of the Betts Fit shoulder straps is such that it will avoid pressure on the trapezius muscles because for many women the nerves under the trapezius can become impinged and cause numbing, tingling, shooting and burning sensations around the shoulder and radiating down the arm and hand. For many the symptoms can even persist with the removal of the bra straps. The Betts Fit sports bra is made with wide, soft, adjustable straps that are designed to eliminate this problem by dispersing the pressure more widely across the shoulder.



FACT: The way a woman runs is impacted by how much breast movement she is experiencing.

SHOULDERS - If the shoulder straps are to loose and there is too much bouncing in our chest we may unconsciously tense and raise our shoulders in order to create more stress on the straps to stop the bouncing. This can lead to tension in our neck & shoulders poor posture & poor performance. The Betts Fit sports bra assists women to achieve good posture, keeping their shoulders down and sternum lifted to maximize breathing capacity, reduce tension in the neck and maximize performance.

BREATHING - If the bottom band is to restrictive as one challenges their body in a workout they may be unable to expand the diaphragm and rib cage to take in full breaths and ultimately breath more from ones chest. Leading to shallow and poor breathing mechanics. With the right bottom band one can expand their rib cage and ultimately, run longer & stand taller. The Betts Fit adjustable bottom band allows for maximum support and efficient breathing mechanics when exercising, as well as, a comfortable, loose setting post workout when the extra support is no longer needed.

GAIT - When we lack support our gait mechanics can change for the worse. One might shorten their stride to reduce ground forces, shortened their arm swing to stop lateral breast movement, and ultimately develop a kyphotic posture. All these compensations can lead to wasted energy exertion from being inefficient and could end up fatiguing someone more quickly or end up injured. The Betts Fit sports bra is a necessity for every female who works out and has breasts B cup and larger who wants to improve their performance, posture and eliminate nagging neck and shoulder pain.



A problem many young girls face when they develop breasts to quickly is that there body doesn’t have time to adapt to the new weight and oftentimes can lead to posture imbalances. A strong upper & lower back, as well as, strong core is not only important for a healthy posture; it can alleviate pain and tissue strain in your breasts.

In addition to wearing the Betts Fit sports bra, there are certain exercises you can do to help keep your shoulders straight, chest lifted and help ease some of the pressure from gravity and large breasts pulling you into a kyphotic posture. Every women can benefit for strengthening their back muscles, core and mobilizing their neck & spine.  Sign up for our newsletter if you would like to be informed when our program becomes available. 

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However if you are between bands aim upwards they tend to run snug.


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