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How to Measure Video Below

The Betts Fit sports bra is true to size and is based off of band and cup measurements.

Know your size?


Unsure? Follow steps 1-4 below.

Step 1: Record Bust and Band Measurement

For Example 38' Bust and 32'band

BAND MEASUREMENT:  Measure under your breasts.

BUST MEASUREMENT: Measure across the fullest part of your breasts across the center of the nipple. 

* Make sure the tape is straight around your body & to fully exhale then lightly inhale when taking measurements. See video below for assistance.

Step 2: Determine Cup Size

Subtract bust measurement from band measurement. Use chart to the right to determine cup size.

Example 38 bust - 32 band = 6 (F Cup)

Step 3: Determine Band Size

Use the chart on the right.

For example: 32 band measurment = 36 band size.

Note: If you fall between band sizes aim upwards because our bands run snug.

Step 4: Determine Bra Size

Example: Band Size 36 & Cup Size F = 36F Bra Size

How To Measure

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