Betts Fit Ambassador | Danielle Duffy

Betts Fit Ambassador Danielle Duffy


Danielle Duffy is the owner of Daniellefitness in San Jose, CA and creator of SpinLates, indoor cycling class and Pilates. Her mission is to strongly support the needs of minority working women who often receive less than quality fitness and nutrition messages from the mainstream, and offer all women and any person striving for health, one unified colloquial positive educated voice of fitness. 


I've been teaching fitness for over 11 years and have tried every bra you could possibly imagine. Finding Betts Fit has been a winner.

I don't have to stop while teaching to adjust a strap that's fallen off my shoulder, push my boobs down to make sure they don't pop out, or fight to get the bra off after a workout.

No issues with Betts Fit. Easy wash air dries in an hour.

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