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A little push from the universe!

“For the mind, awareness is the womb of creation. To achieve a life filled with meaning, you must figure out how to be more conscious, only then do you become the author of your own destiny.”- Super Brain

It was about 8 years ago that I first moved back to the bay area after leaving an opportunity in Los Angeles training professional athletes at Athletes Performance.  I mean this was a dream come true.  I was training David Beckham, NFL players, NBA, and NHL, as well as, players from the men's and women's US National Soccer Team. 

At the end of the day the opportunity on paper seemed like a dream come true. But when it came down to it I was not able to express who I was in that environment. My gut and intuition was telling me everyday that something just wasn’t right and this wasn’t where I was meant to be. Crazy though right, I was surrounded by the men’s and women’s US national teams, NBA players, NFL, and NHL all-stars. 

The day after I returned to the bay I ran into my brother's best friend Brandon at a party they were throwing. Brandon begun to tell me about this cool company started by a Navy Seal that involved a body weight training apparatus that he created after his time as a Seal. I thought wow that is a product I can get behind and fast forward two weeks and I am working for Fitness Anywhere also known as TRX.

2 years later I developed a similar feeling to what I experienced at Athletes Performance.  I knew I had to quit but everyone was telling me I was crazy.  I couldn't leave such an amazing opportunity. My gut and intuition were saying this isn’t where you are meant to be. Without going into too much detail lets just say I know now that was absolutely one of the greatest decisions I ever made.

Up until just about 1 year ago I had been running a personal training business in San Francisco. I trained men, women, boys and girls with goals ranging from improving their performance, healing injuries, loosing weight and general fitness. I must have trained over 500 individuals in the past 6 years. I couldn’t be more thankful for the relationships I developed over that time. I was fortunate to work with a fabulous group of people who inspired me to become a better trainer every day.

However as much as I loved my job I always thought I was destined to do something bigger. I wanted to be like founder of TRX and create my own product that I absolutely loved and solved a real problem.

Ultimately my life as a trainer and living in San Francisco became out of line with the life I desired to live.

I knew I needed a change but was feeling stuck and wasn’t sure what my next move should be. Check out my next post to see how the universe helped me get there.

I couldn’t be more stoked about the journey I am on. 

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