Betts Fit High Impact Sports Bra | "The Bounce Test!"

"The Bounce Test!"

We all know when someone is creating a new product the most important thing to do is to TEST, TEST TEST.

From day one I have been wearing all my prototypes and put them to the test in soccer matches, trail running, strength training & working with my clients. I even went as far as taking slow motion video of myself in each bra so I could compare the support of my bra to my competition.

Check out our Slow Motion VIDEO

Which brings me to my next point. In addition to testing your own product I find it equally as important to study your competition if you want to be sure you are offering something innovative and original.

I have literally tried on every sports bra on this planet and studied the construction, materials, sizing systems, and level of support each has to offer.  I don’t even want to know how many hours I have spent in dressing rooms around the US bouncing around. Every time I was in a new city I made sure to stop into all the athletic stores with my fingers crossed I didn’t come across a better solution.

Every sports bra I have tried on and tested has lead to the creation of the Betts Fit sports bra. The whole time I am thinking what will make this more comfortable, more supportive, easier to put on and take off, more attractive, & easier to transition from one activity to another.

We keep the bounce in your step not in the bra! 


“Never let the odds keep you from pursuing what you know if your heart you were meant to do.” 

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