Betts Fit High Impact Sports Bra | Production Overseas! A Serendipitous Process!

Production Overseas!  A Serendipitous Process!

Just weeks before my grandfather passed away last March after years of fighting cancer he put me in touch with a friend of his who was a partial owner of a bra factory overseas.  At the time I wasn't ready to pursue overseas manufacturing but was very grateful for the introduction. 

After basically a year of training sewers & setting up my own factory and ultimately finding running my own production facility locally was not a feasible long term solution I opened my mind to the idea of taking things to abroad.  

Then randomly an order came through our website that jumped out at me as a red flag.  The email was titled name@industries.  I have been dealing with factories and companies trying to get their hands on my sports bra so they can knock it off so instead of shipping the bra I contacted the customer

What we came to find was that the gentleman that purchased the bra is the brother of the owner of the factory I have been introduced to through my grandfather.  Long story short we have been working together and the partnership has turned out to be a good one thus far.  

This journey although it has been quite trying at times has also been very serendipitous.

Being an entrepreneur can be a very lonely ride, however knowing the universe is working in mysterious ways for me at times can be very reassuring.  

Do you believe in serendipity?  

Much Love,


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