Betts Fit High Impact Sports Bra | Pre-Orders are live

Pre-Orders are live

Grateful today for everyone who has been supporting my dream of building a better sports bra.  I'm excited to announce the release of the Betts Fit 2.0 Sports Bra with the first ever Attachable Tank Top!   Thanks to our early customers feedback we've made the following improvements:
  • A new improved cord lock system
  • Less rigid boning to reduce appearance under tops
  • Easier to adjust shoulder strap sliders
  • Removable cup inserts
  • Optional bounce band for additional support
  • Focused sizes 32D-38F
To learn more check out our newest video!


After individually sewing 250 sports bras for version 1.0 (9 hours each), I'm thrilled to be working with with the best bra manufacturer in the world. We placed the down payment for a purchase order of 2500 bras, 1250 tank tops & 1250 hair ties.

To bring the Betts Fit sports bra 2.0 with attachable tank top to market, we need your help. Help us get off to a great start & pre-order today!

Top reasons to pre-order:
1) Reserve your size. We are placing a limited production run and will sell out on a first come first serves basis.
2) Risk free guarantee.  Free shipping, returns & exchanges = no risk.  Thanks to an outside investment we've placed the $50K down payment and production is moving forward.
3) Support a female founded company. Your pre-order allows us keep more equity in our company. Help us reach our pre-sale goal and we won't need to seek additional investment.
4) You value sustainability.  Betts Fit sports bras are made with 60% recycled materials. We re-purpose our bra materials into hair ties to provide a virtually zero-waste production.
5) You support women's empowerment. You want to help us bring our high impact sports bra that is both supportive and comfortable  to more women.

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