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Equal payday

March 30, 2020

Equal payday

⁠We strive to be positive, but today is not a day for celebration.⁠

Today March 31, 2020 is #equalpayday ⁠... the average woman must work 3 full months into the next year to earn what the average man earned the previous year.⁠

Put another way, women earn $0.82 for every $1 earned by men.⁠

The wage gap is worse for our black and brown sisters.⁠

Black Women: Aug 13 — $0.62 ⁠

Native American Women: Oct 1 — $0.57 

⁠Latina Women: Oct. 29 — $0.54 

⁠And then there's the motherhood pay gap⁠

⁠Moms: June 4 — $0.70 ⁠

⁠All U.S. moms earn $0.70 compared to all U.S. dads⁠

⁠*Data is based on 2019 U.S. Census data on median earnings for full-time, year-round workers.⁠

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