Betts Fit High Impact Sports Bra | Movement while sheltering in place

Movement while sheltering in place

We believe movement moves mountains and are challenging ourselves to move daily while sheltering in place.  We'd love to hear what you are doing to keep moving.⁠

Today I am 26 weeks pregnant and have 3 months to go in my pregnancy. ⁠

Can’t wait for our little man to arrive even though my typical exercise routine - getting to the gym, playing soccer, mountain biking and rock climbing might be off the table for some time. ⁠

We just moved into our new home about a month ago and I finally got my pull-up bar & TRX set up. ⁠

I turned my office/playroom into a workout space as well. ⁠

Was lacking motivation after the whole CV hit but I think I am finally getting my mojo back. 😆⁠

Full workout involved! 3 sets of:⁠

-Single leg lunge to press med ball⁠
-Lateral Lunge to press med Ball⁠
-Knee Push-Ups⁠
-Jump Rope ⁠
-Single leg lunge to jump⁠
-TRX Pikes⁠
-TRX Y's & I's⁠

Plus warm up & cool down stretches.⁠

Feeling grateful to be getting into the habit of home workouts now & for my Betts Fit sports bra which keeps my girls in place so I can focus on my workout. ⁠😄⁠

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