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Time to Marie Kondo your sports bras?

Time to Marie Kondo your sports bras?

March 19, 2020

Spring cleaning- Yes, we're wiping down every doorknob, light switch, and faucet with antiviral wipes. 😷⁠

But do you have the irresistible urge to deep clean your pantry, organize your dresser, or re-arrange your closet? 👗⁠

It's still ❄️ing in Reno Tahoe, but this urge to purge marks the first day of spring. 🌷⁠

We 💖 The Joy of Tidying Up and the process of holding each item to ask ourselves, "Does this bring me joy?" and if not, thanking it and letting it go.🙏🏼 ⁠

This process involves grounding, listening to our bodies, and expressing gratitude and can clear out old energy to make room for more joy in your life. ⁠🌞 ⁠

So if it's time to throw away your old sports bras, please consider getting the best fit with Betts Fit. ⁠

Because you deserve a sports bra that is highly supportive AND comfortable (AND brings you joy to do the activities you love) ⁠😊⁠

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