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NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center: Catherine Betts, Founder & CEO of Betts Fit

Catherine Betts saw an opportunity to bring much-needed advancement to an industry that has grown over 350% worldwide in the last 10 years, expecting to top out at nearly $14B in sales next year. Having evaluated existing technology, Catherine saw the need to create an exceptional product that enabled pain-free performance and she has been committed to doing just that since launching her companyBetts Fit.

‘We’re revolutionizing bra fit for women everywhere. Most sports bras don’t provide the correct support or comfort for women with larger breasts. Poor support can cause pain,  and over time, can damage muscles and nerves. Bras that do provide support are not comfortable to wear for hours before or after a workout. The Betts Fit sports bra is for low to high-intensity activities and can be adjusted for a custom fit accessible from the front of the bra.” — Catherine Betts

Before founding Betts Fit as its CEO, Betts was a Sales Manager of Outside Sales at “Fitness Anywhere” and an Athletic Performance Coach. Betts achieved her BA in Sports Sciences from Oregon State University and University of the Pacific.

In our Milestone Maker program, Betts is working on accelerating distribution strategy for the next product launch.  Stay tuned here for developments on the progress.


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