Corset with cord lock

- Adjustable compression and encapsulation technology

- Easily tighten corset before high impact workouts

- Unbreakable paracord can hold up to 100 lbs

- Cord lock snap secures corset fit

- Loosens easily from the front after workout


Shoulder Straps

- One inch wide shoulder straps adjust from the front

- Detachable straps can be worn straight or X back 

(straight straps avoid pressure on trapezius muscle) 

- Specific tension maximizes support

- Custom made sliders avoid slipping

Bottom band

- Bottom band elastic made with new bonding technology

- Specific tension provides 60-70% of total support 

- Adjustable from the front to maximize support and comfort

- Slider tightens band and easily loosens after workout

Hook & Eyes

- Easy on/ easy off clasp 

- Sporty design prevents pinching into your back

- Three levels of adjustment to create a custom fit

- Back extender adds up to 2 inches of band length

for size fluctuation, maternity and in-between sizes.


- Hidden zipper pocket for your essentials on the go

- Store credit cards, cash, keys or chapstick

- Designed to cover cleavage and add additional support


- Inserted cups support each breast individually

- Cups provide additional support from underneath

- Option to remove if desired

Nursing Option

Easy release hook for nursing functionality

Bounce Band

- Bounce band attachment provides additional support to minimize bounce

- Seamless integration with hook and eyes

- Custom made sliders avoid slipping

-Recommended for high impact activities for sizes DD-F

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Tank Top

- Attachable tank top provides a built in bra tank top feel 

- Custom hook and eyes uniquely designed to integrate with Betts Fit sports bra 

- Support, comfort and versatility for women with cup sizes 32C- 38F

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